Getting remunerated from the creative value chain.

The digital world allows new channels to communicate, transmit and broadcast your music to the public. Ways to collect music royalties are diversifying as the music industry continues its digital expansion.

The absence of an overall solution to address the whole music industry workflow — between multiple participants in the chain of music rights information and royalty payments — leaves independent artists struggling with administrative tasks, when they should be focusing on their music.

To collect all your music royalties as an independent artist, you will need to become a member of up to 4 different PRO/CMO/MRO and register your Works and Recordings to all of them.

But why use multiple PRO/CMO/MRO portals for registration when you can keep your Works and Sound Recordings metadata and music rights in one platform?

Coming Soon

Traditional rights management adapted to the digital creative market.

MusicTeam® helps you streamline your registration process and submit your Works and Sound Recordings registrations to music rights societies and organisations. Songwriters, composers, lyricist, producers and performers and all roles combined can:

  • Document their musical Works and Sound Recordings rights ownership.
  • Verify the required metadata for registrations.
  • Submit new Work registrations to affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs so they can collect performance royalties and mechanical/reproduction royalties. 
  • Submit new Sound Recording registrations to affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs so they can collect digital performance royalties, public performance and reproduction royalties as a Producer and/or as a Performer.

Music metadata as a digital cultural product.

The Government of Canada has recognized metadata as a means to preserve its cultural heritage. As a continuation to Quebec’s Cultural Digital Plan, the The Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec is investing in new innovative and emerging technologies in the culture sector through its Digital Ambition program. 

Canadian PROs/CMOs/MROs are the first music rights societies and organisations we have partnered with. Members of Canadian music rights societies and organisations will be the first to benefit from our Works & Recordings Registration Solution.

Are you a member of Canadian music rights societies and organisations? Stay tuned for the launch of our Solution.

With the support of the Quebec Government’s Economic Recovery Plan for the Cultural Sector, the Digital Ambition program, we are committed to increasing the revenues of independent and emerging artists from Quebec and members of Canadian music rights societies and organisations.