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1312, 2022

What Do You Need to Understand About Copyright?

Understanding copyright as an independent and emerging artist. In one of our previous articles on remuneration, we briefly discussed the importance of copyrights. In the context of [...]

2202, 2023

The Streaming Economy: How it Works.

The streaming economy refers to the revenues generated by all streams, i.e. all sources that generate income in the digital world.  In 2005 (IFPI), when the [...]

1312, 2022

The Cultural Discourse of Music is Evolving

Metadata, discoverability, and the digital value chain are at the heart of the discussion. Music industry business models are being transformed by technology initiatives in an effort to achieve [...]

1412, 2022

Neighbouring Rights & Equitable Remuneration

Neighbouring rights might have been overlooked in the past because they are relatively new and not all countries have ratified the Rome Convention where producers and performers were [...]

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