Documenting creation metadata and music rights ownership during the creation process.

When talking about royalties, artists need to consider creation metadata and music rights metadata, which will form the music credits of an artist’s work. They include all the basic information that is used by the various digital platforms (aka digital service providers or DSPs) and collection societies to communicate with each other and to promote remuneration for their beneficiaries.

Metadata plays a crucial role in maximizing remuneration for songwriters, artists and performers. The lack of uniformity in the structure of metadata as well as the communication and transcription of metadata between intermediaries is a weakness in the music industry which contributes to the fragmentation of information.

Music creation is an incremental process and the documentation of these two types of metadata should be too. Why? Postponing this (necessary) task will seem even more intimidating at the end of the creation process, as there is so much metadata to successfully catalog your Works (compositions) and Recordings (masters).

It’s all in one place – your creation metadata, your music rights, and even your files – ready when you are.

Comprehensive and organized creation metadata and rights metadata enables faster identification of rightsholders and contributors.

The best way to maintain the consistency and integrity of your metadata is by centralizing where it is documented. When the time comes to register works and recordings with CMOs or release an album/single, re-transcription of metadata and rights is avoided; a method prone to errors, neglect or worse, omission.

Key Features


  • Create multiple roles to establish ownership and add music credits on your Works and Recordings
  • Add your unique identifier such as IPI, IPN, and ISNI for quick and reliable identification of rightsholders by CMOs
  • Manage your different display artist/performer names whether you’re playing solo or part of band (don’t forget to invite your other band members too!)
  • Save your preferred instruments and they will be added on every recording’s music credit that you contributed on

Musical Works & Sound Recordings

  • Link your Works directly to your Recordings. No writers left behind!
  • Keep private information such as splits hidden from people that don’t hold any rights to your Works and Recordings

  • Quickly assign splits and contributions and invite all creators, publishers, performers, labels and contributors you work with

  • Add PDFs and lyrics to Works and add audio files and lyrics timestamps to Recordings

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With your creation metadata and music rights in order, all that’s left to do is to release your music and get it where it needs to be.

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