Key Features

Your digital identity

Build up your profiles with unique identifiers (IPI, ISNI, IPN), display artist names and your affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs as an artist (songwriter, producer, performer, musician, etc.) and/or entity (publisher, record label, music production company, etc.).

Quick invite system for ownership splits & credits

Search and invite rights owners and contributors with their email address. Our system will fill-in existing details from the MusicTeam® database. Can’t find the person you’re looking for? Add basic identification information until they complete and review their information.

Permissions-based access for all participants

Keep your ownership information private. Different viewing and editing permissions are set by the ownership splits assigned to participants.

Credit where credit’s due

Add everyone that contributes to the process of writing or recording your music. Designate specific roles such as songwriters, composers, lyricists, producers, performers and musicians. Get credited for your contributions.

Publishing agreements

Add your publishing agreement details as a writer or as a publisher. We automate your writer-publisher relationships to all your designated Works. No more struggling to find which publisher represents which writer.

Lyrics & lyrics timestamps 

Include lyrics in your musical works and add your lyrics timestamps in your recordings. When you release your songs with our music distribution service, we send lyrics to your selected outlets.


Save your preferred instruments in your profile. We automatically add your instruments to the Sound Recordings you participate in.